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Trending Posts Posts Tagged ‘Fashion’ The Fall/Winter 2013 season of Burberry has just been released by the British luxury brand and now, online and in select stores, the British premium label is looking to capture the A-List crowd. The brand, known for its beautiful heritage trench coats and brocade heritage clothing, wanted to capture a more modern dresser with their autumn/winter line. It does not hurt that all of the pieces are still made in England. Burberry was a pioneer in the British clothing industry back in the early 1900’s and has a proven reputation for beautiful clothing. Designer Christopher Bailey wanted to reflect his heritage and incorporate the craftsmanship of Burberry. “Our products are timeless in their beauty,” said Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s Creative Director. “As we celebrate our heritage, we want to be a little more cutting-edge, and capture the modern dresser. We have to look at the way the world lives now, and show how we can adapt and improve.” The collection features polo shirts in all different colors and patterns, all with a great twist. The polo’s come in a variety of colors, which each have their own impact. One of the most unique styles is the classic “Lazy Eye” polo, which has two different colored eyes that give it an interesting look. The polo shirts are paired with a modern quilted coat and will retail for $695. Burberry Prorsum also created a dress called “Paola,” which will retail for $1,745. The paola is a 3-D distressed leather dress, which is made from a single piece of leather that is so well created and detailed, it can be worn as a dress and then as a jacket. Also included in the collection is the popular Burberry trench, which comes in all different shapes and sizes, including a cropped one and a full zip up. The collection also includes a reversible jacket that can be worn either right or left handed. The reversible jacket is a must for cold and rainy days, as it comes with two different sets of sleeves to switch out. The Burberry winter collection is available online at The Burberry Prorsum collection will be available in select stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman in New York.Identification of an asymptomatic case of



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