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Waste management


More sorting and less waste in companies

For 10 years, thanks to the work of the AEP, the Urban Community Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole has provided all of our companies with yellow containers for cardboard, paper and other recyclable products, in addition to containers for glass distributed over several sites. of the Polygon Space - Torremila.


  • Green Container > Tuesday & Friday

  • Yellow Container > Thursday


  • Green Container > Monday & Friday

  • Yellow Container > Wednesday

>> For any question relating to the organization of collections or the operation of recycling centers: 04 68 08 63 40 ou

>> For bulky or green waste removal or to change your waste bin:   Toll-free number: 0800 22 00 00 (free call from a landline)

Recycle your  for freecomputer devices

Don't throw away your old obsolete IT devices, PCs, printers, scanners, laptops, monitors... the Association Espace Polygone Insertion (AEPI) recycles and recovers them for free.  the national eco-organizations in charge of the recycling sector, the AEPI, ressourcerie de Perpignan, can get rid of all your used computer equipment free of charge and within 48 hours. 


This will be dismantled, recycled, then reused to supply the solidarity shop located on the Espace Polygone, at 1246 Avenue du Languedoc. The refurbished computers will then be resold to low-income people. An action that aims to reduce the volume of waste destined for the incineration plant, and which is part of the obligation to recycle while favoring social and solidarity action.


Recycling your electrical and electronic devices means giving them a second life while preserving the environment. Take the right steps and find your recycling solution 

04 68 52 52 82


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