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President's word

Here you are not alone.
We support you in the performance and success of your business.

Dear members,  


It is with great pride that I now preside over the destiny of your association. Strengthened by this confidence, I will continue to carry out initiatives to promote this economic space where it is good to work and live, and to change its image.

This presidency will be part of the continuity of a long internal journey at the AEP for more than 13 years, within an incredible and tireless collective which finds its concretization in the development of the Espace Polygone Torremila that you have seen for these last years.

And you will have your full share in this collective because my desire is that the AEP be even closer to you thanks to this strong bond that unites us. By joining the AEP, you are not extras: you can also be the actors of your territory and that is why we open all our workshops or commissions to you.

We are counting on your expertise, your know-how, your desire or availability to join us and thus shape the economic and urban future of our territory, develop new services or carry out collective actions in the interest of all!

True facilitator and accelerator, creator of meetings and interactions between its members, the AEP will always carry the voice of all the economic actors of the Espace Polygone Torremila and will thus remain an influential relay with all the institutional actors.

The AEP is a powerful and recognized network, which is why you are essential to us in this collective and ambitious approach to make the North of Perpignan even more attractive. Ihe loyalty and trust you have in us,   help us overcome current obstacles and difficulties.

With our style and our energy, we will continue to offer you in 2022 meetings, moments of exchange or services in a professional, warm and relaxed setting.

This is what makes the mark of our territory and of your association. So don't forget, we are here to support you in the performance and success of your business. HERE you are not alone.



President of the AEP

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