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AEP: the accelerator of your success

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Notre mission

Our values

For 50 years,Polygon Space Association Torremilabrings together SMEs, individual companies, large groups, traders, manufacturers, franchisees, start-ups, from all sectors, who share the desire to animate, promote and participate in the development of the Espace Polygone Torremila

réunion d'affaires

Our philosophy

  • Actively participate in decision-making

  • Initiate concrete solutions

  • Combine skills

  • Promoting solidarity and business competitiveness

  • Transmit the culture of entrepreneurship

A local contact

Primary interface with institutions or local authorities, the AEP facilitates dialogue   and acts locally for the economic and urban development of Perpignan and its region. Around the AEP, it's a whole team that vous accompanies in your projects on the Espace Polygone Torremila

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A real collective power

  • A recognized and respected economic force

  • A front door with  institutions, communities or other economic players

  • Active support in the daily life of your business

  • Advice, listening particular,
    and experience of mentors

  • A network For  develop skills,
    his vision 
    and his business

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